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UBC Line Rapid Transit Study Community Update

March 19, 2010

UBC Line Rapid Transit Study Map

TransLink and the Province are working with the City of Vancouver, University of British Columbia, University Endowment Lands and Metro Vancouver on a multi-year technical study for rapid transit service along the Broadway corridor from Commercial Drive west to UBC.

Broadway is one of the most important corridors in the region, connecting major population, employment and institutional centres. Central Broadway and the University of British Columbia are two of the largest transit destinations in the region, outside of Vancouver’s downtown core.

Demand for improved transit is high and will continue to grow as more people live, work, shop, study and use the many services in the area.

Finding the Right Solution
On January 18, over 90 participants representing more than 30 stakeholder groups from along the Broadway corridor, the University of BC and the University Endowment Lands, and from across the region came together at a hands-on stakeholder workshop.

Stakeholders shared their perspectives and concerns about the transportation problems and opportunities in the corridor, identified their key issues and preferences that need to be considered in evaluating rapid transit options, and participated in a visioning exercise on how the many rapid transit technologies could fit in their communities. The feedback received will help inform the outcomes of the UBC Line study.

The South Granville BIA is actively involved in this endeavour to represent both residents and business owners interests.

Visit the study website for the meeting minutes.

*Source: Translink

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