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A South Granville resident laments her move to a new part of town

September 8, 2010
Photo by Robyn Hanson, Flickr

South Granville by Robyn Hanson as seen on Flickr

Dana Lynch is a professional writer and editor and a die-hard Vancouverite. Over the last 5 years she had lived in South Granville, Dana produced some glowing commentaries on all that is our South Granville neighbourhood.

Since July of this year, Dana and her family have moved to another part of town and we will miss her. So as a salute to Dana’s research, her great writing, and her love of this community, we wanted to recap some of her stories here for you.  

Leaving South Granville, Part I: 5 Favourite Things About South Granville
My husband and I are about to embark on such a move. Along with our baby (born in March), we’re off to a little house (with a lawn! and a laundry room!) just east of Nanaimo St. Which means we’re saying goodbye to the neighbourhood we’ve loved for over five years. Read more

Leaving South Granville, Part II: 7 Favourite South Granville Restaurants
As July–and our moving date–approaches (I explain why we’re moving in Leaving South Granville, Part I), I’m getting more and more sentimental about our soon-to-be-old neighbourhood, Fairview / South Granville. One thing I’ll really miss: being so close to so many fabulous places to eat! So I thought I’d make my second post in this series about my favourite South Granville Restaurants. Read more

Leaving South Granville Part III: Shopping South Granville
We finally finished moving the last of our things from our apartment at 14th and Granville (the heart of Fairview’s South Granville district), and this is my last post in my series on leaving our (now old) neighbourhood. It’s fitting for me to end this blog series with a post on the thing that first attracted me to South Granville: the shopping. From the Granville Bridge to 16th Avenue is some of the best shopping you’ll find in Vancouver. There are huge, big-brand stores for the home—including Pottery Barn Kids and Williams-Sonoma—but there are also loads of independent fashion and home boutiques with truly unique wares. Read more

We’ll miss you Dana, but please come back often and visit! We will always consider you an honorary resident!

Find out more about Dana Lynch at

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