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The Miraj Hammam Spa and Pure Attar Luxurious Oils

August 21, 2010

A guest blogpost written for Your South Granville Blog

The Line of Pure Attar Luxurious OilsI was visiting Vancouver the first time I came across Pure Attar Luxurious oils. I was in town researching new trends in spa treatments and products and had the opportunity to visit Canada’s first Moroccan Hammam, the Miraj Spa, 1495 West 6th Avenue, on South Granville, a charming street lined with coffee shops, retail shopping and fine dining. Little did I know of the gem I’d find hidden inside.

What I remember most of my spa session on that rainy afternoon, was laying in a tranquil room, soft arabic music floating through the air and the sound of trickling fountains in the distance. My therapist had just begun my massage when suddenly, a mysteriously intoxicating scent reached my nostrils. She told me it was a blend of Indian Mysore Sandalwood and Persian Rose. That was it for me, I knew right then I HAD to have some.

After my session I lounged in the spa tea room, nibbling on sweet cakes thinking how wonderfully soft and scented my skin felt. I dressed quickly and headed to the front desk where the receptionist directed me to the spa boutique. Elegantly packaged dark amber bottles lined the shelves with artfully designed labels that read Pure Attar Luxurious Oils. The name speaks for itself – Luxurious—I couldn’t agree more.

Tunisian Nights, Pure Attar Luxurious OilsI poked around trying the different testers and with each scent I inhaled I believed to be closer to heaven; Oil of Damascus, a blend of warm Cloves and Sweet Orange. Star of Istanbul with Coriander and Vetiver. Marrakesh with Frankincense and Vanilla. In the end I opted for Tunisian Nights, the Sandalwood and Rose blend, now my new favorite scent.

Back at my hotel I typed on my laptop. There it was, the website with the full spectrum of products the company carries.

Created in 2000 by Vancouver Aromatherapist Jennifer Pedraza, the line was created and inspired by the beauty rituals of North Africa, the Middle East and India where for centuries, it is known that woman have used natural oils for the health and beauty of their skin and hair. Every Vancouver Aromatherapist Jennifer Pedraza, creator of Pure Attar Luxurious Oilsbottle of Pure Attar Luxurious Oils is handcrafted using only the finest ingredients from this part of the world. No parabens, chemical preservatives or sulfates are added. Best of all, natural and essential oils allow the skin to breathe because its molecular structure is small enough to penetrate the pores thus hydrating the skin from the inside out.

If you’re not in the Vancouver area, a new online store is about to be launched this month through the website If you are in Vancouver, you can visit the Miraj Spa Boutique at 1495 west 6th Avenue on South Granville, as well as Tart Boutique at 103 – 1551 Johnston street on Granville Island and pick up a bottle or two… or three, as you may not be able to choose which one you like more!

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  1. karly permalink
    July 27, 2011 12:30 pm

    I’ve been to the hammam and LOVE these oils. would love to get them in the US

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