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OhKuol on South Granville is right—from Pop Star La Roux to Princess Victoria of Sweden the cameo is back

June 20, 2010

For centuries, the cameo has been considered a signature accessory that can elevate any ordinary outfit. And in fact, the origins of the cameo can be traced several centuries back. King Louis XIV of France, the “Sun King”, appointed several of his advisors to acquire entire collections of ancient cameos and engraved gems. Catherine the Great had an impressive collection of cameos too and Queen Elizabeth favoured cameos to complement and adorn many of her garments. During the mid-19th century, cameos became all the rage when Queen Victoria revived this jewellery piece.

The cameo crown worn by Princess Victoria of Sweden in her marriage on June 19th, 2010 was originally given to Empress Josephine, in 1809, by Napoleon. Popstars from the UK such as Lily Allen and La Roux are leading the way in making cameos all the rage again. With this new revival of history-inspired jewellery, the cameo has resurfaced as a treasured, mysterious addition to any woman’s jewellery box.

“I love cameos because of the way they are crafted. Each one looks like it has its own history and makes you feel the spirit and elegance of a past era.”

Priscilla, Owner, OhKuol

The word cameo comes from the modern Italian word “to engrave,” and is thought to have roots in an ancient Hebrew/Arabic word “kamea”, which translates to “charm” or “amulet.” Some popular folkloric tales credit cameos with a mystic symbolism, saying that they bring good fortune and good health to anyone who wears them.

OhKuol on South Granville brings forward this timeless elegance for the modern woman. A cameo makes the perfect complement to a modern wardrobe, adaptable to your casual or formal outfit. Cameos add a fairytale sense of romance to any outfit. Cameos can be found on bracelets, necklaces, chokers, rings, earrings and even watches.

Cream cameo with green background created by Vancouver Artist Andrea Halvorsen of Silver Trumpet. Cameo necklace and locket with orange dyed coral created by Vancouver Artist Alix Arthur.

One of a Kind | Wearable Art
2439 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC Canada

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