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Fashionable Messages Not Always In Style for Young Girls

May 12, 2010

I love the new advertising campaign launched by Big Sisters especially because I have spent my working life in the fashion business and I know how confusing the messages of advertisers can be. We sometimes think of the fashion industry as being controlled by one central force that sets the direction that everyone else in the business follows, and it just isn’t true. Fashion advertising can be very good but it can also be embarrassing and sometimes it can be bad. This new campaign points out where it can be bad and where it has gone too far, especially for young girls who are so impressionable.

Girls want to grow up to be young women and sometimes they are in a hurry to do it, so they watch everything that young women are doing. Some advertisers take advantage of this and send messages that are meant to titillate so they can sell products. As a sponsor for Big Sisters, my company knows how important it is for young girls to have role models to show them what being a woman is really like. I congratulate Big Sisters for having the courage to challenge advertisers and point out how important it is to have real women as mentors.

Written by Ed des Roches and Katie O’Brien – owners of Plum and supporters of Big Sisters since 1995.

Plum is currently raising money for Big Sisters in their stores from May 3-27, 2010. Donate $2 to Big Sisters (Plum will match the $2 up to $25) and you will get 2 chances to win a $500 wardrobe from Plum.

Sources: Big Sisters, Plum

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