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This just in from Translink. Now, if we can just convince them to return 401 and 601 express service!

April 30, 2010

Coast Mountain Bus Co., on South Granville, Vancouver

May brings service improvements on Granville

As had been predicted, the advent of the Canada Line is allowing TransLink and its operating subsidiary, Coast Mountain Bus Company, to re-allocate bus service south of the Fraser River.  The current budget situation does not allow for any expansion, but under the guiding principles of TransLink’s Service Rationalization Initiative, some service improvements are possible within the total number of service hours available.

With the Canada Line coming into service, it’s been found that Vancouver-bound customers are leaving home later for their commute.  The lower demand earlier in the morning has allowed us to reorganize service to meet this changing need.

The #351 Crescent Beach/Bridgeport Station and #601 Bridgeport Station/South Delta/Boundary Bay will see the most dramatic changes.  As of May 3, buses will run every 8 to 9 minutes between 6 and 8am on the #601 and every 10 minutes (rather than 15) between 7 and 8am on the #351.  That enhanced service will be in the peak direction only.

The #352 Ocean Park/Bridgeport Station, #354 White Rock Centre/Bridgeport Station, #603 Beach Grove/Bridgeport and #604 English Bluff/Bridgeport will all run more frequently between 7 and 8am.  The #602 Tsawwassen Heights/Bridgeport will run at the same frequency – every 20 minutes – but will leave later, reflecting the change in demand.

Commuters and businesses along Granville Street in Vancouver will also benefit from resource re-allocation.  Beginning May 3, some buses that run “not in service” along Granville to get to the #5 Robson/#6 Davie routes will run as #10 Downtown and provide local service on those first trips.  CMBC will continue to monitor service and demand levels to see if more resources can be allocated in the future.

Service rationalization will mean the #15 Cambie/Downtown will operate less frequently.  With so many customers using the Canada Line to go to downtown Vancouver, frequency on the #15 is dropping to every 12 minutes from every 10 during the morning and afternoon rush hours and every 15 minutes from every 12 at midday.  Resources saved here can be used in future re-allocation projects, so TransLink and CMBC can provide the greatest level of service with existing service hours and vehicles.

For full information on these service changes, please consult or call Customer Information at 604-953-3333.

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