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Georgia Straight Golden Plate Awards 2010 Announced

April 2, 2010

Georgia Straight Golden Plates 2010The Annual Golden Plates best restaurants issue published by the Georgia Straight, hit the street on Thursday April 1st and some noteable South Granville businesses have been listed among the best.

Meinhardt Fine Foods, 3002 Granville
#3 Best Grocery Store Café

Vij’s, 1480 West 11th Avenue
#1 Best Indian
#1 Best Restaurant Overall
#3 Best Pre-Theatre Restaurant

West, 2881 Granville Street
#2 Best Fine Dining Restaurant
#3 Best Restaurant Overall
#3 Best Restaurant Service

Shabusen Yakiniku House, 2993 Granville Street
#1 Best All You Can Eat

Cactus Club Cafe, 1530 West Broadway
#1 Best Chain Restaurant
#1 Best Restaurant Washroom
#1 Best Restaurant for Drink Specials
#1 Best Restaurant for Hot Female Servers
#1 Best Restaurant for People-Watching
#1 Best Restaurant to Flirt In
#1 Best Restaurant to Have Sex In
#2 Best Appetizers
#2 Best Restaurant Atmosphere
#2 Best Salads
#2 Best Wings
#3 Best Mid-Price Restaurant
#3 Best Restaurant for Cocktails
#3 Best Restaurant for Hot Male Servers

Death by Chocolate, 1598 West Broadway
#3 Best Chocolate Shop

WrapZone, 2566 Granville Street
#1 Best Wraps

Congratulations also to our neighbours Cru, Joeys and Earls for their honours.

Restaurant industry picks the best in Vancouver
An interesting part of the Golden Plates includes Georgia Straight staffers calling up over 100 restaurateurs, chefs, and restaurant managers, and asking them to name the best Vancouver restaurants. Listed among their picks are South Granville’s Vij’s, 1480 West 11th Avenue, and Rangoli, 1488 West 11th Avenue.

Search South Granville Golden Plate winners on this Location Map

For more information and to catch all the winners visit

*Source: Georgia Straight

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